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Rep. Prestin: Energy fight not over with governor’s signature
RELEASE|November 29, 2023
Contact: David Prestin

Representative Dave Prestin, R-Cedar River, released a statement today after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed solar siting and clean energy mandate bills into law. Prestin has been an outspoken opponent against this harmful legislation.

“The governor signed away the future of the Upper Peninsula to please climate activists, not considering the factories that this will close and the families who will struggle to afford their heat in the middle of winter. Public utilities will be forced to spend millions on preposterous renewable energy credits to become compliant with these radical new laws. These additional expenses will be passed down to consumers who can’t afford their energy bills as it is.

“Beyond forcing our communities to depend on unreliable energy sources, it takes away local control and gives free reign to large green energy corporations to transform rural areas into a renewable energy credit source for large cities in lower Michigan.

“As the House passed this plan, we watched as some of my colleagues across the aisle labored over their votes. They knew the dangerous impact the legislation would have on their communities. They know Michigan can’t keep the lights on and have 100% clean energy by 2040. They were hearing from concerned residents speaking out against the plan just as I was. Our voices matter. The activists and the special interests may have won, but the U.P. lost.

“This legislative term, we watched Democrats repeal laws that had been passed by Republicans that were in effect for over a decade. What good is a right to work repeal when union members don’t have jobs? We are at serious risk of losing our largest companies, who employ talented tradesmen across the U.P., due to a lack of reliable energy.

“This isn’t the end. There’s nothing stopping the people of our state from banding together to repeal these radical policies rooted in ideology instead of science. We’re going to fight this intentional sabotage of our future. As Yoopers, this our fight. This isn’t a question of ‘if we get this done’, we have to get this done. This law will not stand.”


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