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Leader Hall: Whitmer administration pushes tax hikes after wasting state surplus
RELEASE|October 12, 2023
Contact: Matt Hall

House Republican Leader Matt Hall, R-Richland Township, on Thursday issued the following statement ahead of an afternoon meeting of the governor’s population council. The council is considering proposing a $3 billion increase in education spending, which would require a massive tax hike:

“Democrats spent every last cent of Michigan’s $9 billion surplus and tied the hands of this population council. After they wasted money paying off corporations like Ford and Walbridge instead of investing in roads, bridges, and students, their council of union bosses and lobbyists is now looking to call for new taxes to spend $3 billion more on education. From day one, I predicted the Democrats would push for the commission to recommend this exact tax hike to give them political cover.

“Ignoring education, roads, bridges, and public safety comes with a price. Michigan is competing against states like Kentucky and Indiana that are lowering their taxes. Raising taxes in our state and making life less affordable will push people away and intensify our population decline.”

Hall predicted in May that the population council would recommend a $3 billion tax increase for schools and a $3.9 billion increase for roads.

MIRS News reported that the council is considering a $3 billion tax increase for education.

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