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House Judiciary Vice Chair concerned about state suing Michigan’s oil and gas industries for political gain
RELEASE|May 29, 2024
Contact: Andrew Fink

State Rep. Andrew Fink (R-Adams Township), who serves as the Republican vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee, today expressed concerns after the office of Attorney General recently announced its intention to pursue legal against Michigan’s oil and gas industries. The lawmaker fears the litigation is deeply rooted in politicization rather than the best interest and defense of Michigan citizens:

“Our state’s legal system does not exist to pursue policy outcomes, and I am fearful that’s what is being done in the case of the attorney general’s proposed lawsuit that targets specific businesses that play a vital role in the daily lives of Michigan families, from daily transit to essential home heating.

“I know that the people of Michigan overwhelmingly do not want to see taxpayer resources used to politicize this issue, especially in light of the attorney general’s repeated failures in litigating against Enbridge. I have a responsibility as a representative to raise our citizen’s voices related to this case that has the potential to harm thousands of hardworking Michigan jobs in the oil and gas industries.

“Our state already adopted California-style, politically motivated energy regulation last year despite its overwhelming failure across the nation’s West Coast. We should learn from their mistakes and not adopt California-style political litigation.”


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