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Rep. Steele: Hateful ideas must be denounced
RELEASE|February 9, 2024
Contact: Donni Steele

State Rep. Donni Steele, R-Orion Township, released the following statement today regarding a recent social media post by State Rep. Josh Schriver, R-Oxford, promoting the great replacement theory, an ideological belief, rooted in conspiracy theory, that there is a coordinated effort to replace white populations.

“All people have a moral obligation to speak out against hate whenever it rears its ugly head – this is one of those times. As elected officials, we are the voice for our communities. We are held to a higher standard and must answer to all comments we make, including any and all social media posts.”

“Hateful rhetoric goes against everything I believe and distracts from the positive work we’re trying to accomplish for the people of Michigan.”


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