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Rep. Greene votes against plan to give hundreds of millions of tax dollars to project with Chinese ties
RELEASE|March 2, 2023
Contact: Jaime Greene

State Rep. Jaime Greene tonight voted against a plan that allocates hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to a controversial economic development project with ties to a Chinese company.

Greene was giving a floor speech on her amendment to House Bill 4016 when Democrats abruptly gaveled her down and refused to allow her to finish her speech. The straightforward amendment would have made sure companies with ties to the Chinese Communist Party do not receive any benefit from the tax dollars being spent on the project.

“Literally minutes after the Democrats approved a resolution to support Ukraine, they gaveled me down for speaking in support of my amendment to stop money from going to a country that has committed resources to assist Russia in their illegal occupation of Ukraine,” said Greene, R-Richmond. “It’s blatantly hypocritical to say you support Ukraine, but at the same time provide support to the very country that offered assistance to Ukraine’s oppressors.”

HB 4016 allocates a total of $800 million to facilitate the development of Ford Motor Company’s newly announced battery plant near Marshall. China-based company Contemporary Amperex Technology has a vague licensing agreement with Ford.

“The people of Michigan entrust us with their hard-earned tax dollars and expect us to use them wisely,” Greene said.  “It is absolutely tone deaf that we’re putting these types of companies first, instead of the hard-working citizens of Michigan who are suffering from inflation.”

Greene, a U.S. Navy veteran, also said it is appalling to give U.S. tax dollars to benefit a company connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

“This is truly a slap in the face to the hundreds of thousands of Michigan veterans who served our country to fight against tyrannical communist rule,” Greene said.

HB 4016 was ultimately approved by the Democrat-led House and now moves to the governor’s desk for her consideration.

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