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Rep. Calley’s plan to protect Michigan kids from cannabis products signed into law
RELEASE|July 14, 2021
Contact: Julie Calley

State Rep. Julie Calley’s plan to keep unregulated THC products out of the hands of Michigan children was signed into law this week by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Until now, delta-8 THC, also known as “marijuana lite,” was completely unregulated in Michigan. While it typically provides less of a reaction in humans than delta-9, the type of THC found in marijuana, producers have started to extract and concentrate the delta-8 molecule in products to mimic the effects of marijuana. Without any regulations, kids could purchase delta-8 products to get high.

“If our kids can walk to the corner store and purchase untested THC products that get them high, it gives them the false sense of security that delta-8 is safe for them to consume – and that’s not necessarily the case right now,” said Calley, of Portland.  “Putting age limits and other reasonable policies in place will protect the public from untested products and ensure that all THC products sold in Michigan adhere to the same testing and safety standards as those sold in the legal marijuana market.”

House Bills 4517 and 4740-46 update the definition of industrial hemp in Michigan’s marijuana laws to include all THC – not just THC that derives from delta-9. This will subject delta-8 products to all the same rules and regulations as other products that contain 0.3 percent THC.

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