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Rep. Bierlein resolution extends gratitude to vital Michigan industry
RELEASE|October 6, 2023

State Rep. Matthew Bierlein, of Vassar, this week celebrated a House Resolution highlighting the important role physical therapists and physical therapist assistants serve in the health of people and their families.

As October is nationally recognized as Physical Therapy Month, Bierlein’s HR 143 declares October as Physical Therapy Month in the state of Michigan. From children to seniors, patients of all ages are treated by physical therapists to help restore and maintain mobility, improve strength, and generate a better quality of life. 

“These professionals work tirelessly for the health and well-being of people across Michigan,” Bierlein said. “Physical therapy holds a special place in my heart. I have the distinct honor of being married to a dedicated physical therapist. Through her, I have gained a profound appreciation for the incredible work physical therapists do each and every day.

“Michigan is home to numerous outstanding physical therapy clinics and practitioners who go above and beyond to provide exceptional care to residents. Their expertise is invaluable in treating a wide range of conditions from sports injuries, chronic pain, and helping seniors maintain their quality of life as they age. They are not just healers of the body. They are champions of the human spirit.”

A critical component of healthcare, physical therapy has shown to reduce the need for opioid medication, surgery and other invasive treatments while improving overall health outcomes. There are nearly 600,000 people employed as physical therapists in the United States.

The resolution was overwhelmingly adopted by the House.

PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Matthew Bierlein, of Vassar, speaks on House Resolution 143 on Thursday, Oct. 5. The adopted resolution declares October as Physical Therapy Month in the state of Michigan.

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